Trails in the North Kananaskis Area

  1. Lower Grassi Lake
  2. Upper Grassi Lake
  3. Whiteman's Gap
  4. The Grassi Lakes and Canmore
  5. Ancient Pictograph
  6. Ha Ling Peak Trail
  7. Goat Creek Valley
  8. Hanging Meadow
  9. Ha Ling Peak North Face
  10. Mount Lawrence Grassi
  11. Hikers on Ha Ling
  12. South Goat Range
  13. The Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail
  14. Canmore
  15. The Bow Valley
  16. The Bow Valley
  17. Mount Morrison and Mount Turner
  18. Watridge Lake
  19. Watridge Lake and Cone Mountain
  20. Spring Stream
  21. Source of the Spring
  22. Spring Water and Moss
  23. Arnica and Stream
  24. The Goat Range
  25. Mount Shark

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