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This site contains photographs of scenes in Canada's Rocky Mountain national parks and adjacent areas. They are organized by location, and identified by trail. Each photograph has a title, a caption identifying details of what's in the picture, a reference to a map, a trail name, and a guide book page reference.

To get to the pictures, first pick a park or area from the main page, and click on either the chosen part of the map or the name of the park. This will take you to an index page listing one or more regions in the park and the trails included. Each region will have two links:

These links will take you to another index. The "Thumbnail" index will show small (thumbnail) versions of the available pictures, and is linked to versions of the pictures best viewed by people with screen resolutions larger than 800 by 600 and either a high speed Internet connection or a lot of patience. The "List" index will list the names of the pictures, and is linked to smaller, more compressed versions of the same pictures, for those with slower connections, smaller screen resolutions, or less patience. Try the links above for samples of the indexes.

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