Trails in the Lake Louise Area

  1. Lake Louise
  2. Fairview from Lake Louise
  3. Fairview from the trail
  4. Mount Temple from the Mount Fairview Junction
  5. Bow Valley From Mount Fairview
  6. Mt. Victoria from Mt. Fairview
  7. Avalanche on Mt. Victoria
  8. Sheol Mountain and Mt. Temple from Mt. Fairview
  9. Haddo Peak and Mt. Aberdeen from Mt. Fairview
  10. Big Beehive and Mirror Lake
  11. Lake Agnes
  12. Lake Agnes teahouse
  13. Back of the Lake
  14. Lake and Chateau
  15. Sport Climber
  16. Above the Glacier's Remains
  17. Looking Back at Lake Louise
  18. Pika Preparing for Winter
  19. Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse
  20. Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier
  21. The Lake Louise Valley
  22. Abbot Pass and the Death Trap
  23. The Glacier

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