Trails in the Peter Lougheed Park Area

  1. Indefatigable Ridgeline
  2. Interlakes
  3. Upper Kananaskis Lake
  4. West End Upper Lake
  5. Climbing the Trail
  6. South End Lower Lake
  7. Lower Kananaskis Lake
  8. North End Lower Lake
  9. Chester Lake Trail
  10. Chester Lake
  11. Chester Lake, Mount Chester
  12. Elephant Rocks
  13. Elephant Rocks
  14. Three Lakes Valley
  15. Stone Faces
  16. Three Lakes Valley
  17. Black Prince Trail
  18. Spruce Grouse in Pine Tree
  19. Mount Warspite and Warspite Lakebed
  20. Mount Black Prince
  21. Still Life: Mushroom and Leaves
  22. Mount Tyrwhitt and Pocaterra Cirque
  23. Mount Arethusa
  24. Blue Sky, White Snow, and Gold Larch
  25. South from Highwood Pass
  26. Ptarmigan Cirque
  27. Mount Arethusa
  28. Gully below Cirque
  29. Storm Creek Valley
  30. Ptarmigan Cirque

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